• 1962 – Fred M. Keller purchases Paragon Die & Engineering for $1.
  • 1970s – Keller invests in the right equipment and emerging computer technology to pay off the previous owner’s debt.
    Building relationships and a dedicated workforce, Paragon shifts from producing aluminum die-casting tools to molds for plastic parts used in the automotive industry.
  • 1980s – Paragon’s technology cut mold-building time in half, which was crucial to automotive customers.
  • 1990s – Paragon’s entire cost system is automated, resulting in faster and more accurate quoting, materials pricing and project tracking. Paragon moves to its present location – 5225 33rd Street, a 135,000 square foot facility, housing its engineering and manufacturing operations.
  • 2000 – present – Engineering and manufacturing teams implement the process improvement system and begin working with a supplier to record activity of every machine. Strategic partnerships are formed as the manufacturing industry undergoes global change, ensuring competitive prices and quality products for customers. The operation is further expanded and North America’s largest double gantry mill is installed. Planning is underway for breaking ground for another plant expansion in July 2012.

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