Aerospace & Defense

Paragon designs and manufactures prototype to production tooling in aluminum, steel, invar and composites for simple to complex aerospace parts. Paragon designs and manufactures fixtures (trim & drill, inspection, assembly, etc.) as well. We excel in compression tooling for composite parts. Paragon also machines and CMM inspects composite and metal parts including titanium and inconel.

Paragon has experience in a wide range of aerospace and defense projects. Machining X-Frames, building tooling for wing tips, tools for Nacelle skins and a variety of other forms of parts are all in Paragon’s wheelhouse.

Need a large INVAR layup tool? Paragon is your source. Need a cast steel RTM mold, we know how to do that too. Does your project need a specialty heated mold, we are your experts. Even drilling and trimming carbon fiber parts are a specialty at Paragon.

You can count on the Paragon team for your next project.


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