Paragon’s engineers, business unit managers and mold leaders average over 25 years of experience. With widespread longevity like this, you can be confident that Paragon’s team not only has the experience in tooling, but also a team work mentality. We take pride in:

  • Our aggressive 24/7, 7 shift operation
  • One third of our employees are journeyman mold makers
  • Our program managers have an average industry experience of 32 years
  • Our mold leaders have an average Paragon employment of 24 years
  • Our mold helpers have an average Paragon employment of 9 years
  • We have many father/son teams working for Paragon

Looking to the future, Paragon is one of the industry leaders in four-year apprenticeships leading to journeyman status. Our investments today assure you of continuous quality workmanship.


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