Compression and Injection Mold Making

Paragon is a diversified machining and tooling company with expertise in various industries. Whether you need a Compression Mold for large trucks, a small Router Fixture for Aerospace, or Low-Volume Production services, Paragon is the firm you can trust.

With over 75 years of continuous service to the industry, Paragon employees have the expertise to handle your biggest challenge. Paragon takes pride in continuously investing in state-of-the-art equipment and facility improvements to keep us ahead of the competition


Paragon is known for the world-class manufacturing of large to HUGE molds for the plastics industry. Paragon has over 75 years of experience working with all the major global automotive companies. We offer innovative solutions for complex molding situations by partnering with our customers.

We employ diverse product group teams that work in unison with our customer’s team from tool concept to the start of production and beyond to ensure the success of every project.

Paragon is equipped to handle all data exchange formats. We are here to support you for the life of your mold with continuous investments in high-quality, efficient machining equipment.

Heavy Trucks

Paragon has the size and capabilities to handle your largest truck parts.

Are you tackling Compression Molded Parts? We have the machinery, facilities, and team to efficiently handle your needs. Paragon has over 75 years of experience producing Steel and Aluminum Tools for Compression molding.

Over 155 people are dedicated to producing a superior product, every time. Paragon has been ISO 9002 certified since 1997.

One of our unique characteristics is our ability to sample your Compression Tooling with a process in our dedicated Customer Sample area. We have that internal capability with our 3,000-ton Compression Molding Press. With 140+ -ton crane capacity and high-quality, efficient machining equipment, we are here to support you for the life of your mold.


Paragon provides engineering expertise and manufactures Prototypes for Production Tooling in Aluminum, Steel, Invar, and Composites for simple to complex Aerospace parts. In addition, we offer Trim & Drill Fixtures, Inspection Fixtures, Assembly, and Bonding Equipment as well. Paragon can machine and CMM inspect complex Composite and Metal parts for your next project.

Paragon has experience in a wide range of production Aerospace Tooling: Wing Tips, Nacelle Skins, Fan Cases, Honeycomb Structures, Fan Blades, etc. are all in Paragon’s wheelhouse.

Need a large INVAR layup tool? Paragon is your source. 

Need a cast steel RTM mold, we know how to do that too. 

Does your project need a specialty Compression Heated Mold? We are your experts! We also excel at drilling and trimming Carbon Fiber Parts. 

You can count on the Paragon team to meet your high tolerance requirements. By following the stringent AS9100 standards, you can be assured your project will be handled right the first time.

Oil & Gas

Paragon is your source for specialized machining in the Oil and Gas industry. Look to Paragon for our 20+ years of machining expertise in the following products:

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Paragon has experience in a wide range of Aerospace and Defense projects. Machining X-Frames, building tooling for Wing Tips, tools for Nacelle Skins, and a variety of other forms of parts are all in Paragon’s wheelhouse.

Need a large INVAR layup tool? Paragon is your source. 

Need a cast steel RTM mold? We know how to do that too. 

Does your project need a specialty heated mold? We are your experts.

Even drilling and trimming Carbon Fiber parts are a specialty at Paragon. You can count on the Paragon team for your next project.

Nuclear Waste Packages

NRC and/or DOE Certified Shipping Packages

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As a certified small business providing Full-Service Tooling and machining with engineering and build capabilities, our 170,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility has been equipped to package and customize Nuclear Waste Packages for customers over the last 10+ years. These packages include Model 9979-AF, Model 9981-AF, and the Vital. 

Partnered with Savannah River National Laboratory, we have worked together as strategic partners to design, test, and manufacture these advanced Nuclear Waste Packages. 

Paragon is set to be a leader in this industry with a price point making these packages disposable or reusable (depending on your need). 

Nuclear Waste Package Payload Details:

Military Defense
military defense helicoptor

Paragon has experience in an array of Military and Defense projects: Machining of large Forgings, Specialty machine building, Large Lay-Up Tools, etc. Paragon can be your source for Production Machining from just a few parts to thousands of parts machined annually. 

Our highly precise 5-axis machines give Paragon a unique ability to machine almost any part you can engineer. Does your project have size and weight constraints? Our machine capabilities range from 2ft to 52ft in size, and our lifting capability exceeds 200,000 lbs. 

Paragon is ITAR registered, and we follow the latest data exchange and storage requirements (NIST).

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