Injection Mold & More

A Paragon D&E plastic injection molding machine

We are known for the world-class manufacturing of large and extensive Injection molds for the plastics industry. By partnering with our customers, we offer innovative solutions for complex molding situations. Paragon D&E also supports services of:

  • Preventative Repair
  • Maintenance 
  • New Tooling 

We are here to assist you with the life of your mold.

We employ a diverse product group team that works in unison with our customers team from mold concept to start of production and beyond to ensure the success of every project.

One unique characteristic is our ability to do on-site mold samples. We have this capability with our 3,000-ton plastic injection molding machine, associated equipment, and dedicated customer lounge at the press. Another way we can support our customers is with our specialized tool maintenance and repair team.

employee wearing hardhat working with injection mold equipment

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