Rising Above in 2022

As a manufacturer in automotive, aerospace, fabrication, and more, how do we try to rise above from
2021 with a chip shortage, inflation, shipping delays, worker shortage, and more?

With innovation, optimism, and leadership, Paragon has pushed through 2021 and is excited for 2022! To help navigate the ever-changing dynamic of COVID, the PDE Family was ecstatic to welcome Mike to the Paragon Family as our Supply Chain Manager. As a guide and helping hand with inflation, shipping, supply/demand, and other countless struggles, Mike has shared great insight below on Supply Chain, the tribulations, and more. Mike is one of many who we are counting on to help us rise above for the next year!

Mike G, Supply Chain Manager

After serving in the United States Air Force as a level 7 Metrologist, Mike was promoted to a buyer position sourcing everything from MRO items to complex outside services and CNC Machines. He then worked his way into Planning and Production Control.

Later, promoted to Operations managing a Precision Aerospace Manufacturer, and now Mike has found his way to his favorite role so far, Supply Chain Manager. Below he gives excellent insight into the Supply Chain Industry from his point of view and guidance for others in the demanding industry.

Adding value to Paragon’s current Supply Chain department, how does your experience and leadership help with current issues and shortages?

“I believe my experience will be beneficial going forward, though not many can say they’ve managed a Supply Chain through a pandemic the likes of what we are seeing now. When faced with the supply chain challenges, we’re seeing currently, the best course of action is to focus on the desired outcome, be proactive, and work with your team, peers, and trusted alliances to develop a strategic plan. The key is being proactive, focused, and collaborative.”

With shortages, how is your team approaching stock levels and being safe with quantity, whether for office or shop material?

“In supply chain, the total cost of ownership is generally, the highest priority which many take as price or cost, but lately, lead-time has become even more important and must be considered as part of the TCO equation. I believe the best approach is conservatively adjusting safety stock levels on items that tend to be more critical and proactively watching items that are less critical but that could become problematic if left unmonitored.”

What is the most challenging aspect of this role and most rewarding?

“The most challenging, though important, part of SC is Inventory Management. It must be very precise, accurate, and current to be managed properly. It’s much like Metrology, attention to detail is critical and can create a powerful competitive advantage when done well. The most rewarding part of Supply Chain management is supplier relationships and/or Supplier Performance Management. Creating and maintaining these critical relationships is essential for survival.”

What is your advice to other Supply Chain departments at other manufacturing facilities going into the new year?

“Keep your eyes open to the ever-changing constraint(s) in the global supply chain framework, as they move from ships to containers, to freight carriers, drivers, rising fuel prices, and now the resurgence of COVID worldwide reducing manufacturing capacity across the globe. I believe full recovery of the global supply chain is still several years away. That said, even in its current condition, there are competitive advantages to be leveraged that are still to be found. Areas of great interest are outstanding supplier performance management, leveraging these relationships, and more local sourcing reducing some of transportation constraints.”

With INNOVATION FOR THE FUTURE as our motto, Mike and his team innovate weekly to handle topics including Inflation, Demand, and Shipping. With communication as a key element in the workplace, SC strives to keep our entire company in the loop on what is going on, as needed for a company to succeed in the future.

 If COVID has taught us one thing, it is you must be on your A-game at all times and ready for change. While a Global Pandemic brought challenges, we all worked together to overcome these setbacks, and be ready for the change in a matter of minutes.

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