This Is Paragon D&E

In the past, the Paragon D&E website had an old blue background, historical imagery, and highlighted employees who have grown with Paragon over the years. Today, we may have taken away the old blue background and moved imagery to a new page, but we are incredibly proud to welcome you to our new and more robust website showing off the faces that make up our Paragon Family and innovation success. We’re the same company with over 75 years of experience but now expressed in an updated platform to show the world what Paragon truly has to offer and where we are headed in the future.

If you have been to our facility, you will understand that we do business with a hands-on, cross-functional teamwork approach, including employee meetings, retirement parties, safety lunches, customer visits, try-outs, tours, and more. 

The COVID-19 pandemic was a major eye-opener to our teams’ ways of thinking, creating, and responding. It was officially time to build and now grow a more substantial virtual/digital presence. Our social following on LinkedIn and other platforms have shown small parts of our innovations and successes, but we were missing the main piece… a successful website.

We’re determined to provide visitors (you) through our redesigned website, and both current and future Paragon family members, an easier way to learn about Paragon. We will be including innovative updates, services, industries served, and spotlights on teams, individuals, and departments as they make us proud. This new web design represents our true capabilities and fosters improved communication with customers, suppliers, the local community (Grand Rapids, MI), and manufacturers’ national society. 

Our original web address has not changed, but its sleek new look now speaks volumes towards the capabilities, innovation, and continuous improvement of Paragon D&E. The lessons we have learned during the Global Pandemic has strengthened the relationships we have with our people and community, and we plan to use this new platform to elevate your digital experience. We know strategic innovation for our customers allows us to provide for the Paragon Family and our community. We believe it’s the people that make the difference! 

-The Paragon Family

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