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Go Big or Go Home

Living by the motto “go big or go home,” we are excited to be a facility with the square footage to work on large to gigantic tools and the expertise to create quick turnarounds for customers. Paragon has seen some impressive projects come through our doors after upgrading our cranes for larger weight capacities and upgrading machinery for higher efficiency and cutting-edge reliable technology.

Paragon D&E has increased from the 70-ton crane capacity to over 100! In pounds, this means our Grand Rapids, Michigan Design-Build facility can now handle around 210,000+ pounds. The larger the capacity we can take on, the more our company name can be viewed as a top option for customers looking for ginormous parts. These customers can look at Paragon for large Compression or Injection Molds, Aerospace and Military Defense projects, and more, knowing weight is not an issue.

Since 2008-2009, we saw the need for larger, more significant weight capabilities and ever-adapting cutting-edge technology to help our customers reach their manufacturing goals. Updating machinery and swapping for more extensive weight capabilities and better technology meant upgrading our Boring Mill/High-Speed Finishers, Small Machines, and CNC areas in our now 170,000 sq. ft. facility. Adding our Boring Mill-GL 6 and 7 “Big Dawg” with a weight capacity of 100-ton is just a small example of how our team continues to update the facility to allow almost any large or precise project in the shop. To date, our facility is home to 6 Boring Mills, 4 High-Speed Finishers, and 5 Small Machines.

Upgrading our crane capacity, technology, and Boring Mills alone brought us one fantastic project to share with you. This steel piece defined “Go Big or Go Home,” and our customer placed their trust in us. At over 77,000 pounds, this massive piece of steel needed major deep hole drilling complete as part of the machining process. We say “major” because, with brilliant minds and hard workers, the team successfully drilled a hole 9 inches in diameter with a depth of 65 inches! The video footage is quite impressive, and we’re thrilled to share it with you.

Now, while upgrading crane capacity and the Boring Mills is excellent, Paragon had to work in our Gundrill department.  As many know, gun drilling can be a slow and long process, so if you update your Mills and CNC machines but not the drilling machines, improved efficiency gets thrown out the door. Our senior management team was intrigued by the precision and technology of CHETO gundrill machines. We removed 3 gundrill machines and added 2 CHETO IXN 3,000 7-Axis with Gundrill ATCs. Having 2 IXN 3,000 gundrills means we can increase our capacity while also performing lights-out machining. These CHETOS offer a wider variety of cutting and drilling and tool-management software that gives the most precise drilling at optimizing feed rates. Technology like that helps us handle the volume of work we like in a short amount of time, using less energy.

This update is just the beginning of our team “Going Big,” and we can’t wait to share more with you later this year! Please, if our CHETOS intrigued you, read our latest article in the MoldMaking Technology magazine. The article “Michigan Moldmaker Debottlenecks Gundrilling, Increasing Efficiency and Profitability” can be accessible with the QR Code or link: Michigan Moldmaker Debottlenecks Gundrilling Article.

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