DOE Certified Shipping Package 9979-AF

Paragon D&E has launched production of the new 9979-AF advanced nuclear shipping and storage package. The Department of Energy’s Savannah River National Laboratory (SRNL) engineering and quality teams have approved the package for shipments. The contents to be shipped in the 9979-AF package includes radioactive (fissile and non-fissile) materials. SRNL and Paragon D&E worked together to design, test, and manufacture this advanced nuclear waste package over the last two years.

Shipping Container Payload Container Details:

  • Small footprint for shipping and storage of package
  • All combustible AF waste material can be shipped in the 9979 shipping package
  • Shipping package without payload only weighs 220 lbs
  • Patent pending, custom lined shipping package accepts a sealed 30-gallon payload container
  • Reusable Option: once the 30 gallon payload container is unloaded, the 9979 shipping package may be reused for other shipments
  • 30-gallon payload container is small and compact, resulting in easy loading and unloading of payloads in laboratory settings

 DOE Certified Shipping Package 9979-AF Production Video

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